Top Six Keys to Sports Betting Bankroll Management, so You Could Increase Your Monthly Income


Managing a sports betting bankroll is the biggest key to become a profitable sports bettor. Every long term sports bettor has their own strategy to manage bankroll, because no one is safe from downswings. Together with my own ideas I have gathered the most popular ideas from professional sports bettors and combined them into six most important keys.

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How Did I Become Profitable in Sports Betting and What are the Three Biggest Advices I Can Give You

soccer pitch

There are thousands of stories how people have succeeded and now are making money from it. Well this is a bit different story. I have not made any millions from sports betting or have super insights of sports betting. This is the main reason why I created this blog. So people and myself could follow my path from bottom to the top. This is my story!
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Hello Sports Betting World!


Hello there stranger.

I am Erik and this is my brand new blog about soccer and sports betting. I am 27 years old soccer fan, who likes to make some extra money with soccer betting.

I created this blog to become better at soccer and sports betting and generally learn more about the field. Also to share all of the knowledge that I have learned in soccer betting. Thirdly because I have not found any soccer betting blog, that covers the ideas and strategies that I am following.

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