April 2016 Review: +588.33€


April 2016 review starts with great words: It was the best month in 2016! I achieved my April goal and made total of €588.33 from sports betting. Awesome!




April was really great month. It started nicely and really took off before one huge win, where I won nearly €190 from a single bet. Then I think my mindset was bit off and I took some losses, but managed to resolve them and got back to winning street. Unfortunately I had some unlucky losses in the end part of the month also, so I pretty much stayed on the same level from 12-31.03.

What I learned was to never change your gear after winning a big lucky bet, I should have been pickier with my new picks and more disciplined. Great lesson for future wins.

The chart is responsive, so you can chechk my monthly status at any point of the month.


Best bet

12.04.2016 Real Madrid v Wolfsburg (0:0)
Bet: Correct score 3:0 (In-play) @ 8.50
Stake: €25 / Profit: €187.50

It was risk-free bet from Bet365 and as Real really needed three goals to proceed, then I had a pre-game bet “Wolfsburg Clean Sheet: No” and this super bet in in-play.

Worst bet

17.04.2016 Forfar Farmington Women v Hibernian Women (0:0)
Bet: Hibernian Women -2.5 (In-play) @ 1.90
Stake: €72 / Loss: €72

It was a bet that I looked inside myself and minutes later one of my tipsters shared it also, so I went in a bit bigger. It started really nice, at half-time Hibernian lead by two goals and added one goal in second, but Forfar managed to get one goal also, so 1:3 final result got me an unlucky big loss.


May goals


In May I’m hoping to profit total of €700 which would be my best ever income in a single month.  €500 from straight sports betting and €200 from bonuses. I have one bonus going on right now and one bonus waiting, both 100% desposit bonus valued €100. I’m making those sign-up bonuses because I haven’t really signed up on many sites and it’s a great way to make money even when being break-even or losing a little bit.

From blog perspective I hope to post at least one post per week. I am already building two posts, about different ways to make money in sports betting and about bet tracking tools.


Yearly total


In first four months of 2016 I have made €1,717.71 from 667 bets, which makes average €429.43 per month, €101.04 per week and €14.20 per day.

Total Bets: 667 (+128 from last month)
Total Profit: €1,717.71 (+588.33)
Total ROI: 10.68% (+0.98)

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