August 2016 Sports Betting Review: +906.26€

August was a month with mixed emotions. Filled almost all goals I had and got nice profit, but as the month ended with a losing streak, then can’t be too happy. I extended my longest winning streak also in Tipstertube service, but also ended with a losing streak. So gotta keep my head up and rock in September! Check out my detailed stats below.


In August everything went right until the last ten days. I had really nice ROI, nice tips out and profit over €1.2K. Then the Sports betting magic happened and  I lost my first Bet365 account. It will be missed a lot. Definitely material to write blog post about handling the situation, when you start to get limited. I have set up some other bookie accounts already and ready in Asia also.

Secondly I got on some bad bets and were under €1K profit and thirdly last three Tipstertube bets didn’t won. Easy lesson from here is that you don’t always win, only important thing is to win more than lose. 🙂

The chart is responsive, so you can check my monthly status at any point of the month.

Tipping service

As started from last month, I will also share my tipping stats.

You can find my profile and stats on this link:

Second month was filled with lots of good bets, but unfortunately three last matches didn’t won, so can’t be too happy with the result. It was awesome to see my name in Heater and Alltime Top Tipsters list, so need to get back there.

My last 30 days statistics:


Best bet

13.08.2016 JK Tallinna Kalev -vs- JK Nomme Kalju  (pre game)
Bet1: JK Nomme Kalju II +2.0 @2.0
Bet2: JK Nomme Kalju II SW @8.0
Stake: €140 / Profit: €260

There were a lot of fuss on Kalju playing with many first team players, so +2.0 seemed enormously good price and had to take little gamble with straight win bet also. Kalju fell behind 0:2 on 75. minute, but hat-trick in 5 minutes took it 3:2 to Kalju.

Worst bet

26.08.2016 JK Narva Trans -vs- Tallinna FC Levadia (pre game)
Bet: Tallinna FC Levadia -1.0 @1.86
Stake: €120 / Loss: €120

One of the nightmare bets. Narva was missing three key players, Levadia has motivation to stay in the title race. But something terrible happened with Levadia, their firm defence looked more like guys from Hangover movie rather than professional players. Two superbad individual mistakes and freekick ruined the day.

August goals results

  • ✅ Earn more than 750€ – Would have love to stay over 1K, but still happy.
  • ✅ Get more than 75 followers to Tipstertube tipping service – WOW, 155 followers is double the amount I hoped. Really nice community.
  • ❌ Write minimum of 2 blog posts in August excluding monthly review – Uugh, no posts in August. Feel terrible about it, but have three posts in drafts. Hopefully in September.

September goals

  • Earn more than 1000€ – Lets go back to the four digit squad. Even tho my Bet365 account is limited, I am ready to take on other bookies to keep up the profits. Hope to do more of my own bets this month.
  • Share at least 10 bets in – There is international break at the moment, but surely 10 analyzed bets should be doable easily.
  • Write two blog posts in September – What went wrong in August has to be repaired in September.

Yearly total

In six months of 2016 I have made €4,516.54 from 1246 bets, which makes average €564.5 per month, €141.13 per week and €20.16 per day.

Total Bets: 1246 (+142 from last month)
Total Profit: €4,516.54 (+906.26€)
Total ROI: 11.48% (+0.31%)

If you have any questions about my sports betting or You would like to get any kind of blog post from me, then let me know in the comments section. Thanks and have an awesome September!

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  1. Hey Erik, you are doing great, congrats! I will make sure to follow you on Tipstertube. I am a bit curious about the timing of your bets. When you pick a selection do you bet right away at the highest odds on the market or do you sometimes wait to get a better price? Do you bet immediately when the market is up so that the price doesn’t move against you later on or is it all the same? Cheers, Peter

    • Hey Peter, great question!

      Timing is really important and I usually only take bets that are time worthy, so yes I sometimes wait for better odds or lines. For example if I think -1.0 is the bet pregame and it is priced at 1.5 pregame, then I’m ready to wait up to 20-25 minutes to get the line needed.

  2. Good blog and superb results. I’m just dipping my toe in the water and finding it very hard t find good tipsters to follow. Hopefully, long term, i can make this work!

    Looking forward to your next post.


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