Hello Sports Betting World!


Hello there stranger.

I am Erik and this is my brand new blog about soccer and sports betting. I am 27 years old soccer fan, who likes to make some extra money with soccer betting.

I created this blog to become better at soccer and sports betting and generally learn more about the field. Also to share all of the knowledge that I have learned in soccer betting. Thirdly because I have not found any soccer betting blog, that covers the ideas and strategies that I am following.

In this blog you will hopefully find:

  • My own tips to become better in sports betting
  • Different strategies about sports betting
  • Most common mistakes about sports betting
  • How to become profitable in sports betting
  • My own overviews and challenges

I am hoping to post at least 3-4 times per month so there should be plenty to read. As I already know many professional soccer bettors, then I hope to share their ideas and stories also.

I will start with my own background and story, to give you an overview, who is this guy writing.

If you have any questions or ideas about this blog, please write to erik@soccerbetblog.com. I will try to answers as soon as possible.

So yeah, that is it. Hope you will enjoy my blog and you can have plenty of good information on it in the future.

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