How Did I Become Profitable in Sports Betting and What are the Three Biggest Advices I Can Give You

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There are thousands of stories how people have succeeded and now are making money from it. Well this is a bit different story. I have not made any millions from sports betting or have super insights of sports betting. This is the main reason why I created this blog. So people and myself could follow my path from bottom to the top. This is my story!



I am 27 year old Estonian who has followed sports since childhood. In our family sports news are still the “quiet minutes”. It is the time you know, dad would shushh you to be quiet. So me and my brother have respected sports from childhood. I remember how me and my brother collected UEFA and FIFA cards, fulfilled World Cup and Euros tables and made our own predictions. I somehow liked England, because of Owen and my brother chose Spain because of Raul.

Skip forward many many years of following national football and Premier League to my first real job in 2011. It was live odds operator in one of the biggest companies in the field. I really didn’t know anything about Asian handicap or what BTTS ment, but as I had good knowledge about all sports, I still got the job. This was the first time I really learned about betting, especially live betting. My job was to follow what was happening in the market and if needed, to adjust the odds. It sounds more difficult than it really is.

After half year I turned down the job to focus on my University studies. This is the point I left everything about sports betting and followed soccer and sports like a casual fan.


Stupid friend who still earns money on vacation


Skip forward again to 2014 and Sziget Festival in Hungary where I went with three of my friends. It was one hell of a music festival so we took eventual week off in Croatia. That was the time when one of my friends said that he has earned more money during this holiday trip than spent. It was from sports betting. I knew he was doing it, but never really focused, how much he makes or how much time he puts into it. This got me mad, because I had spent most of my holiday money and needed to get back working as soon as possible.

After that we spoke a lot about sports betting in general and it got me a bit addicted. He was sure that I could make just as much money as he if I would want to put in the hours and use his ideas. I really liked the idea, but the time was not quite there. I had other achievements ahead, like running a marathon.


The three most important rules!


Now skip again to January 2015. This was the time I started my sports betting career. My other friend from the festival and I convinced my sports betting friend to share his ideas and bets. One of the first sentences from him was our first rule: You are not the smartest!. He meant that there are people who do research all day long for couple of matches, there are software that calculate best odds for betting and etc. etc. So you cannot beat bookies by your gut. This really got me thinking and I have followed this principle 95% of the time. I’m still human and want to have fun with some bet, so there is the other 5%.

When I started with $100 in Bet365 he made us to follow second rule: Never-never-ever bet more than 10% of your account value! With most of the bets keep it around 2-3%. Our strategy was really simple. We followed only the bets he shared with us from other tipsters and shared us sites with profitable tipsters. One of the first tipster was Bobic from Blogabet. You can check him out here:

After some week we moved around our fivers and even tho almost half of the bets lost, we still got some profit and we really enjoyed it. Then we learned our third rule: Keep track of your bets! Know when and where you win and lose. Write down every bet you make. Even a small funny bet. After a months time, analyze your bets and learn from them the next month.

By following those three principles I have grown to profitable sports bettor. I follow many tipsters, I never bet over 10% of my bankroll and from the beginning of this year I have followed the third rule – I write down all of my bets.




So what is next? I still feel I have a lot to learn, I want to get better in every aspect of sports betting. That is why this blog is so important. When writing to others, I really need dig deeper and learn more about the this I want to write about. Other idea with this blog is to find myself some sort of challenge to make 2016 a year to remember. So if you have any ideas, write into comments section or leave me an e-mail.

In the next topic I will write more about the resources that I’m using at the moment – free and paid ones. So you could jump also to the sports betting boat.

Finally I have to say that sports betting will not fit everyone, but if you enjoy sports and can handle the pressure, then it might an awesome source for extra money or even career. Just keep you focus, grow bigger every month and enjoy the trip to the top.

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