July 2016 Sports Betting Review: +542.39€

Back on track! July was a month were I achieved my monthly goal once again. I managed to earn more than 500€ and read through two Sports Betting Books. Also I wrote two nice blog posts and had a little vacation. July was a great month. Bring on the August!


July was a month with three trends. At first everything seemed so nice. June was forgotten and I got up about 500€ already in 06.07, but then one hell of a downhill lasted until 26.07, when I had almost zero profit and then final 5 days were magical once again and profited me more than 500€ which was my target.

I’m glad with my own bets, their ROI is about 18%, but unfortunately two big tipsters lost me a lot of money last month. If I hadn’t followed those two tipsters, I would have been up over thousand euros. Hoping them to step up this month and gain some profit from them.



The chart is responsive, so you can check my monthly status at any point of the month.

Tipping service

This month I can announce a new subtopic to my monthly review. I started my own tipping service! I’m now sharing free tips in Tipstertube.com.

You can find my profile and stats on this link: https://tipstertube.com/profile/soccerbetblog

First real month in tipping went really well. I managed to pull 4 wins in a row streak, which sadly ended with 90+3 min goal, but otherwise it was fun experience and looking forward to share you more of my own bets.

My last 30 days statistics:



Best bet

07.07.2016 Malmo FF -VS- Aarhus AGF (0:0)
Bet: Malmo FF Asian handicap -0.5 (In-play) @ 1.99
Stake: €80 / Profit: €79.20

This bet was from one of the two tipsters who gave me loss in July, but luckily he had this great tip also. Seemed nice from the start and came in nicely.

Worst bet

03.06.2016 Venezuela U20 -VS- Mauritania U20 (0:0)
Bet: Mauritania U20 Asian handicap 0.0 (In-play) @ 2.05
Stake: €140 / Loss: €140

Again bet from two tipsters at the same time. Lots of information from tipsters and really nice looking bet, but it never seemed to win after staking. I was a bit furious, that I staked this much, but you gotta learn the hard way. I was too tempted about this 2.05 coefficient, that I got carried away. Great learning point again.


July goals results

  • Earn more than 500€ ✅
  • Attend music festival in Ostrava ✅
  • Finish two books and write a blog post about them ✅

August goals

  • Earn more than 750€ – It is the month with new leagues starting and I’m back feeling confident to get another good month under my belly. Will be away for a week also in August so not yet ready to another four digit goal. Hoping it surely. 🙂
  • Get more than 75 followers to Tipstertube tipping service – Something that is possible only through some good tipping. Hoping this, because it makes tipping a lot more fun, when you have followers.
  • Write minimum of 2 blog posts in August excluding monthly review – Don’t want to promise too much, because don’t want to lower quality, but loved writing in July and hoping to get even more posts in.

Yearly total

In five months of 2016 I have made 3,610.28 from 1104 bets, which makes average €515.75 per month, €128.93 per week and €18.42 per day.

Total Bets: 1104 (+156 from last month)
Total Profit: 3,610.28 (+542.39€)
Total ROI: 11.17% (-0.47%)

If you have any questions about my sports betting or You would like to get any kind of blog post from me, then let me know in the comments section. Thanks and have an awesome August!


*Featured image is a reminder of Ostrava Music Festival that I attended. 🙂

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