June 2016 Sports Betting Review: -50.92€

June was the first month with negative result this year. It was a rollercoaster all the way. Tipsers ran really bad and I couldn’t keep my focus like in May. It a month to learn from. In sports betting you’ll never only go up. That’s why I read already four sports betting books in June.


I think that the main problem with June was that I went on the minus side early on and that kept me out of focus, because I really didn’t wanted to get a minus month. Rather than focusing on the monthly result I should have focus on every bet on its own.

Thanks to some great Estonian bets my own result was actually on the plus side. Which is really good, because I don’t have to depend so much on tipsters bad form.

About the books I really have enjoyed couple of them and probably will have to make another post about them.


The chart is responsive, so you can check my monthly status at any point of the month.

Best bet

18.06.2016 JK Tallinna Kalev III – Tulevik Viljandi (0:0)
Bet: Tulevik Viljandi -1.0 (In-play) @ 1.755
Stake: €196 / Profit: €147.98

Super lucky to find the match on asian bookie. The match held 0:0 for quite a long time so the price went down to really nice handicap. At -1.0 it was no loss bet for me, so I had to put in quite a bet. Thanfully everything worked out and Viljandi won 4:0.

Worst bet

03.06.2016 Adelaide University Women v Metro United FC Women (0:0)
Bet: Adelaide University Women +0.5 (In-play) @ 1.85
Stake: €120 / Loss: €120

Big info from tipster and great recent results from him, but unfortunately I got carried away, made 2x as big bet that I would have normally. Really good lesson to never get carried away even if the info is good.

July goals

In July I’m taking a bit easier, I’ll attend one music festival in Ostrava, Czech Republic and relax a bit more than usual. So my goal for July is +500€. It is 25 points for my staking size, so should be doable even with 1.5 weeks off betting.


Second goal is to finish two other books that I have bought from Amazon and then to write blog post about them. The post might fall into August, but I should finish those books in July.

Yearly total

In five months of 2016 I have made 3,067.89 from 948 bets, which makes average €511.31 per month, €127.82 per week and €18.26 per day.

Total Bets: 948 (+100 from last month)
Total Profit: 3,067.89 (-50.92€)
Total ROI: 11.64% (-1.76%)

If you have any questions about my sports betting or You would like to get any kind of blog post from me, then let me know in the comments section. Thanks and have an awesome July!

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