My Sports Betting Goals for 2017!

It is time to get some new goals for the new year. In 2017 I am hoping to become a lot better in sports betting while helping other with tipping and online course. That is my goal-list in one sentence. Read on to get to know more.


First of I want to thank everyone, who read my blog in 2016 and will read in 2017. It has been really nice to get letters and comments from readers and stats show that people really like to read my blog posts. So thank you once again everyone! If I can help you in any ways or is there some questions you might want to ask me, then let me know here on the comment section or email me at


Now it is time for the goals of 2017. I will have four different goals and everyone with some certain number in it. So you could follow my goal progression easily. I have already installed a plugin for my goals. You can see it in the left column or if you’re on mobile, then click on the three lines on top left of the page. Now, let’s go with the goals.


1. Make €10 000 From Sports Betting

This is the biggest goal I have for this year. I want to make 10K from sports betting only. It is a lot for me and it is a hard goal to reach, but this is something I really-really want to achieve. It would mean a nice growth to my betting bankroll and if I can achieve it, then there is hope to become full time sports bettor.


10000€ in a year means 833€ per month or 192€ per week or 27€ per day. As my bankroll is not in that good place at the moment then I am hoping to start slower and end faster than average tempo.


2. Keep tipping yield over 10%, get 250 followers, become paid tipster

2017 will be the year of tipping. I am hoping to watch a lot more Estonian football from TV and at stadiums. I hope to evolve a lot during the year. I am currently building two unique datasets for Estonian football and looking forward to use them in action during the season. 10% yield is something that should be achievable thanks to knowledge and some mispricings during the season.


250 followers in seems like enough to get going with the paid group. I will let older followers to jump in for free and new ones only after payments. I haven’t decided the price yet, but one thing sure, I will not ask money for unprofitable months. Let’s see how the year starts, because today starts the preseason.

3. Post at least 24 blog posts

One down, 23 to go. This is for my readers and this is the absolute minimum with the posts. I hope to get more like 40-50 posts, but 24 will be the absolute minimum. I have listed more than 25 blog post ideas already on my to-do list and it is growing every week. One thing for sure again, I will post my monthly updates and keep you posted, how am I doing with my yearly goals.


If you have any ideas, what sort of blog posts I should write, then let me know in the comment section.

4. Make an online course on how to win money with sports betting.

This is the make it or break it goal. As I have evolved during the sports betting career, I have felted like there are 5-6 certain steps before you become solid profitable sports bettor. Looking back at some steps then it would have been easier someone would have helped me. I am looking to walk through account setup, bonuses, starting up, finding value and so on and so on. I haven’t quite figured out, how I will make this course, but I surely want it do be as interactive as possible and as real life as possible.


I think I will let some of my readers to take it free at first, but eventually it will be a paid course. Cause I will put a lot of effort and time in to it. My main goal obviously is that all of my readers would have a chance to become profitable in sports betting also.



As I started, in 2017 I am hoping to become a lot better in sports betting while helping other with tipping and online course. If I manage to do that, then I would be more than proud to myself.


Enough about me. Write now your 2017 resolutions in the comment section and let’s all make 2017 an awesome year!

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